Autism, Reading, Language & Gemm Learning

Reading and language delays related to autism can be helped with Fast ForWord software by Gemm Learning. Fast ForWord is adaptive, improving the processing delays that cause reading and learning problems.

Rev. Aquilino Gonzalez
over 5 years agoDecember 30, 2016
I am an associate pastor at a Catholic Parish located in Lawrence, Ma. Ours is a immigrant transitional community composed mostly of non-documented immigrants from Latin America. We have begun a program to help families of autistic and asperger children, develop empathy and compassion in parents and siblings; and we are also considering equipping a small PC Lab for children with learning and developmental disabilities. Your online program seems to fit our needs.
Tina Liberatore
over 5 years agoDecember 30, 2016
Rev. Gonzalez, 
Thank you for reaching out. I will call you today.
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